Coping with the Anxiety of Leaving Your Dog When You Go Away

     Let's imagine your long awaited vacation is coming up, and you know you have to leave your dog behind. Begin with searching the web for dog sitting or dog boarding, after, you narrow it down to a few dog boarding places, we suggest taking a tour of the facility where your dog might spend his/her time away from home. To help you decide which place is best for your dog, we recommend preparing a few questions for dog attendant and explain what your expectations are. Look for cage-free boarding, you certainly don't want your dog to be sitting all day in a cage and only have few hours a day of freedom. Much rather enjoy the facility where, your pet is being treated like you treat him at home. Perhaps, a smaller facility would work best for you and your dog, it allows the staff to focus on accommodating a smaller lot of dogs in order to maintain a certain level of attention to each pup individually, as well as keep it clean at all times. 

     Once you decide on a dog boarding facility, it's always highly recommend on bringing your pet to a place for day care first, at least once or twice so your furry friend gets familiar with the staff as well as makes friends with other dogs, since very soon it might be his new home away from home. Taking a tour of a dog boarding facility will help you feel more at ease, before leaving your pet behind. 

     Even after doing all this work, you are feeling guilt or nervousness about leaving your pet, you must remember, that it actually makes you a wonderful dog parent. Your pup well-being, health and safety is your priority. Day care and boarding allows your pet to exercise and socialize with other dogs during this time, they get to make new friends and get rid of all that excess energy. While you're enjoying your long awaited break, a dog attendant could send you daily updates of your pet, as well as record videos and take pictures. Once you and your dog have parted ways, it's important to enjoy your trip. If you rest, relax and have fun, you'll come back an even better pet parent than the one you were when you left.  


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